New Bathroom Flooring for a Renewed Look


In terms of the size of your bathroom whether it is large or small, the floor occupations a lot of it's space. If your bathroom really has no major needs, but it just has a case of the blah's, maybe you should consider laying a new floor.

Bathroom flooring materials come in natural stones, laminates, man made materials mimicking stone, wood laminates and vinyl. They all have their good and bad points.

Natural stone, gives an opulent air to a bathroom and is often a willing flooring material for remodeling. Natural stones can be very durable, but they are expensive, and they do have special cleaning and maintenance needs.

The man made materials are also on the high end. They are very durable, but periodically require professional maintenance.

Wood laminates are less expensive than natural stone and hold up fairly well. Wood laminates need to be installed exactly as directed by manufacturer when installing in a bathroom. Be sure, at time of selection, your supplier knows this wood laminate will be installed in a bathroom. All laminates are not alike.

Vinyl flooring can be the least expensive depending on your selection. There are also some more expensive vinyls. Vinyl can be a good choice for a bathroom because it holds up well in the moist environment, and is easy to clean. Some of the newer vinyls are very attractive, feature texture, and are often hard to distinguish from real tile. Vinyl is also easy on the feet.

When you install new flooring materials in a bathroom, read what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning and for maintenance. I have conducted some mystery shopping, and gotten a lot of misinformation about the special needs of some of these materials. Good sales people know their product, and the there are the others …

There is such a wide variety of cleaning products today, and some of them very good. But they are not created for all surfaces. Do read the labels before applying a new cleaner. It may not be right for your bathroom flooring or surface.