Data Storage


Modern day technology has made it extremely easy to store large amounts of data and there are many different types of devices for storing data. The most common forms of storing data is magnetic storage, optical storage and flash memory.

Under magnetic storage there is floppy disks, zips drives, hard disks and digital audio tapes. These read and write data as magnetic impressions from disks and zips drives. Floppy disks are the most popular magnetic storage device as they are extremely economic to purchase. The other reason why they are popular is, they are small and can be easily transported from one spot to another.

Many organizations and companies use hard disk as a form of storage. Certain companies have multiple hard disk drives to store data. Hard disks use special magnetic recording allowing them to store, copy and erase data.

A zip drive is a form of magnetic disk and it is best suited for arching and storing large data files and images. While an optical data storage devices uses a laser to store data and information in digital form. The laser is also used to read the data.

Flash memory is a high performance, small and light storage device which can be plugged and played. It is mostly found in video games and digital cameras. Data can be recovered or written from a computer onto this storage device and since it is portable, it can be connected to any computer having a USB port. This storage device can be used over and over again without any problems.

Storage devices are fast gaining popularity in offices as they do away the need for paper. They are also a good way of creating backup for information and data should the computers have the problem or crash.