Quilt Short Stories for Children


Most of us have seen story books for children made with fabrics. Consider making a quilt of short stories for children. The entire quilt could be the story or each quilt block or every other quilt block may have a story.

If you have done scrap booking you may have recognized your story telling abilities or talents as you selected your photos and surrounded them with words or mementos to highlight or complete the story.

Use your talents to make a colorful quilted bed spread or lap quilt made from scrap fabrics with various prints, solids and alphabets to entertain young children.

Young children are able to learn how to read through the pictures of animals, flowers, and objects which are on the prints of the fabric. When you think about it, seeing our name in print is always a good thing. What better way to teach a young child how to spell their name.

Give that child a sheet of paper and a crayon or pencil and let them write and rewrite their name from the quilt. If they write it on the quilt do not worry. The quilt can be washed or you may consider it "cute" and leave it there when the child outgrows the quilt and years later it becomes their memory quilt.

If you child has special interests you may wish to design your short story quilting blocks about trains, dolls, dogs, cats, horses, fish and so many more characters, alphabets, and other things they may enjoy. They will have fun learning how to recognize or spell words or form sentences about the items seen on the quilt design.

Your quilt short stories for children designs should be exciting for your young reader. Do not try to make it a teaching quilt. Your story should be interesting in a fun way to attract your young reader to be inquisitive and start exploring his or her world of interests.

Include accessories of buttons and snaps, pockets and zippers. Photos in your quilt with names of family members would be wonderful.

The above ideas will work great for children under five years of age. If the child is older make necessary adjustments to hold the interest of the child.