Tribal Belly Button Rings

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Tribal belly button rings are a variety of belly rings that use tribal designs for decoration. Belly rings are body-piercing accessories used since ancient times. Tribals associate myths and rituals with the use of body-piercing jewels. Belly rings were symbols of status, and they have become popular in modern day, too.

Tribal belly button rings are made of different materials, including gold, steel, acrylic, titanium, etc. Titanium and steel are very popular as they add a gothic look to the jewelry. Organic materials like bone, teeth, etc. are also modified as belly rings with tribal designs.

The jewelry is often decorated with stones. The stones are usually unpolished to retain the natural look. Enamel is used in acrylic material to feature the tribal design. Natural colors suit the tribal jewelry most. Rainbow textures and gold-plate finish are also available, though not very popular. Red and black, black and white, and metallic finishes are the top-selling jewelry combinations available on the market.

Tribal designs are usually complicated geometry. Hearts, stars, suns, and the like are some of the popular designs. Reverse designs are also attractive. Artically designed dangles are aesthetic and sensuous. Cascades of rings, stars, and metamorphosis are the common dangling tribal designs. Rare designs are the favorites in the market.

Personalized belly button rings are available with the logo of tribal designs, which is a recent trend in the market since the logo can be changed easily. Tribal design tattoos are also incorporated in the belly button rings.

Tribal belly button rings must be selected with attention when used as initial jewelry. Often, the tribal jewelry surfaces are rough, which may bruise the piercing. In the initial stages, the ring may lead to infections and further complications