How to Address Cell Phone Water Damage

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There is nothing more frustrating that dropping your prized cell phone in a liquid, be it the kitchen sink, bath tub, coffee, tea, beer, or a swimming pool. When this happens the immediate feeling is one of despair and annoyance. But do not give up hope, all is not lost. It is possible to fix cell phone water damage and once again get it working as good as it was before the accident occurred.

If you have dropped your phone in any liquid the most important consideration will be how long it has been immersed for and how quickly you can find a solution. If your phone has been in a bath tub of water overnight the chance of it working will be slim as the circuit board is likely to have been irreparably damaged, but if it has only been in the water for a short time there is every possible you can fix the device and save yourself having to spend out on a new handset.

As soon as you realize the problem you should remove the battery. If the battery is still connected the chance of serious damage occurring will be greater as even a small voltage can be connected through water leading to a big problem. Do not worry if the battery itself will not work, this would not be so expensive to replace.

Next you should take apart the phone into as many individual sections as you can safely do. If possible remove the touchpad and screen as these may hold some amount of liquid. If it is a sunny day place all the parts in direct sunlight, this would help any moisture that is present to evaporate. If the accident has occurred at night or on a rainy day your best option would be to try to dry out the circuit board and other parts with a hair dryer or by placing next to your home's central heating boiler.

An interesting alternative and one that has helped many people recover damaged cell phones is to disassemble the handset and then place the pieces in a bowl of uncooked rice. As rice absorbs moisture quickly it will help to suck out any drops of liquid that may be there.

Do not place a cell phone in a microwave oven or other cooking equipment as you may end up causing a greater amount of harm. As long as you take quick action tp address cell phone water damage you should find that you can still make full use of your precious gadget.

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