Leasing-7 Tips To Find An Apartment in Southern California


Anyone who ever said apartment hunting is easy, especially in any of the major metro areas in southern California such as Los Angeles or San Diego, is incredibly naïve or never had to do it themselves. With a sprawling geographic area like southern California, and the many cites and communities within that area, an apartment search can be especially daunting. Even with the advent of rental databases, the search can be difficult as many databases may have listings that are outdated or provide inaccurate data.

However, you can be much more successful and make your apartment search a lot easier by being an apartment finder with:

    1. A realistic budget and real world expectations and dedication to managing a serious apartment search. Make sure you do a cost of living search on the internet of the area you desire to move in to, especially if you relocate from out of state. You will get a much more realistic idea of ​​what your overall rent will be and if your projected budget can handle it. Remember you will be dealing with several people, either private landlords or property managers. Try to make a good first impression – politeness and courtesy do matter. 2. A good job. Your prospect landlord wants to know, obviously, if you can afford to make the monthly rental payments. 3. Once you start your apartment hunt, make sure you stay organized. Establish your priorities and know what you are looking for before you start your search. This will help you narrow down your search to only those properties that interest you and are within your projected budget. 4. Bring along a notebook or develop a worksheet and also carry a file folder in order to place your notes and any brochures, applications, etc., that you are likely to receive in your apartment search. Make sure you keep track of each apartment's: o Number of bedrooms o Closet space o Number of bathrooms o Kitchen size o Terms of lease 5. Keep thorough notes. Keeping track of all this data from memory will be too overwhelming; however, keeping notes will allow you to evaluate what your best choices might be when you can compare all your notes and data at a later time. Do not forget to list your personal preferences. It may make the difference between two apartments that are almost exactly alike in features, price and terms of lease. 6. Consider each apartment's physical features, such as: o Flooring type o Gas and electric appliances o Separate dining rooms o Fireplace o Air conditioning o Washer and dryer o Dishwater and garbage disposal o Microwave o Refrigerator o Balcony or deck o Security system o Storage o Natural light o Parking facilities 7. Review each apartment's neighborhood and community. This will be another important factor in considering the apartment you want to live in. You'll probably want to note the apartment's public transport to: o Public transportation o Schools o Shopping centers o Your Work o Parks and recreation facilities

While these tips will not guarantee that you find the ideal apartment, they certainly will make the task a whole lot easier and you'll be much more satisfied in the long run with your choice!