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With many models and types of printers in the electronics market these days, you might be confused when it comes to buying a printer.

Before you go hunting for a printer, decide on your budget beforehand. Generally, printers use bubble jet, inkjet or laser technology for printing these days. Canon, one of the leading manufacturers of printers and other digital products is the first company to introduce bubble jet technology. Nowadays, you can find bubble and inkjet printers made by this company.

In truth, both types of printers are very much similar. Inkjet was introduced by other major brands to compete with Canon's bubble technology. Canon produces the three types of printers, which can print up to a3 size. Other leading brands like HP do the same.

If you are looking for a printer for your home or company use, it might be a good move to buy one of the a3 size printers. Laser printers are the best when it comes to speed, clarity and quality of printing. However, if you or your company can not afford the price of one, you can go for the cheaper options, bubble jet or inkjet. Generally, many printer models using this technology are sold as color printers these days.

With a3 size printers, you can print engineering or architectural plans, large sized photos or images, diagrams or charts right up to a3 size for business purposes. If you have such a printer at home, there is no need to give your digital photos to a photo shop. Simply print your family photos at home. You can buy your choice of frame for framing and put up the picture in your living room or dining room.

You save much money this way. Apart from a3 size, a3 size printer can also print other sizes like a4, a5, letter, legal and so forth. Here, a printer, which can print a3 size documents, is a good investment. There are times, which you may need to print documents or images in letter or legal sizes, rather than the standard a4 size.

So, if you do not own any a3 size printer yet, think about getting one for you and your family. If your budget does not allow the purchase of a laser printer, you can opt for an inkjet or bubble jet one. Nowadays, color printers using this technology have a better quality and clarity of printing.

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