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Online Computer Repair has become a rising industry. Why more and more computer users are fond of online computer fix when PC problems occur? Following is a comparison and contrast list. “O” stands for Online Computer Fix Company’s tech services; “L” stands for the local computer repair store. “S” stands for computer/software vendor’s tech support. After the comparison, it may explain the reason why online computer repair is becoming increasingly popular.

Service Attitude and Efficiency – Decide whether you will have a happy computer fix journey

O: Most of online computer fix company’s staff have patient and warm attitude towards their customers for this is one of impression that online computer repair companies are dedicated to bring to their customers.

L: Since there is not any regulation for local repair store’s owner, whether you can receive a good service attitude just depends on the owner’s awareness.

S: It depends on the company’s culture. But usually, if it is free support, the service quality will be lower than charged support service for lazy employees who provide free support will like to pass your issues like a hot potato.

Convenience- Everybody wants fix computer problems with easy

O: Online Computer Fix Company will fix your problems via remote support. After you give them permission, they can remote in and fix your problems manually. All you need is just to sit back and watch your PC problems being fixed by computer experts. Don’t worry about your PC’s security for you can see every action those experts do on your PC and if you don’t want the remote support, just stop it and the remote connection will lose immediately.

L: If it is near to your home or office, it will be fine. But if the computer repair shops is far away from you, you may need lug your computer to the shop.

S:Sometimes you will need to let strangers into your home.

Cost, Appointment and Guarantee- Your Most Concern

O: Some online PC repair companies offers 24/7 online unlimited tech services through the year and the price is very substantial. And some of them do not require you any appointment so you can contact their experts anytime for tech help. Almost every online PC repair company promise if your PC problems are not fixed, you will get 100% refund. Since you sign up for their services on line so usually you can use PayPal, the world’s biggest online payment processor and your right can be fully protected by PayPal. If there is a dispute, you can ask help from PayPal and PayPal can judge the issue for you according to the evidence you offer to PayPal.

L: Usually you will be charged according to the time and usually you can’t expect the cost will be lower than $60 for one time. You will certainly need appointment to fix the PC problems. If your PC problems are not fixed, you may still need to pay and if you want to get a refund, you may have a hard time on having dispute with the local repair store’s staff.

S: Norton antivirus software is famous antivirus product around the world and if you need spyware &virus removal service, Norton Live expert will charge you $99.99 for one time. If you have an appointment with a Symantec service representative and you don’t contact Symantec a minimum of two (2) hours prior to your appointment to cancel or otherwise reschedule your appointment; you will be charged $25 for missed appointment fee. If your PC problems are not fixed, any refund will be limited to the amount paid by you.


After compare, the advantage of online computer repair is particularly noticeable. Therefore, it is not doubted that online computer repair is becoming increasingly popular.

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