Become a Games Tester Today!

To become a games tester today has just become easier than ever! Recession or no recession we are living in a world where anyone who loves to play video games or pc games can can turn that hobby into a very profitable home business and become a Professional tester.

The professionals out there are making a cool $150 an hour all from the comfort of their homes, these guys get sent the latest and hottest up coming and unreleased games on the market by the biggest gaming companies on the planet  to test and make sure that for example, on level 10 the game does not freeze or if it is a cert 15 that there is not bad language somewhere in the game. One great part is when you become a games tester you also set your own hours and only work the hours you want to!

However, to become a games tester I would advise joining a professional membership group, these guys are already working in the industry and take you under their wing and show you step by step how the industry works, all the ins and outs of the industry and basically make it their mission to help you succeed and get your first job testing video games.

One really fantastic part about being a games tester whether it is testing pc games or Xbox 360 games is that when you become a tester you get to choose which type of games you want to test so for example if you only want to test pc role playing games, no problem that is all you will be sent, or if you only want to test ps3 first person shooter games then again no problem that is all you will be sent, the industry only wants testers to test the type of games they love which makes sense when you think about it.

If you love gaming and want to work in this exciting and fast growing industry with professionals who are doing this every day then the best way to start is to become a games tester!