Gift Baskets With You In Mind

Not everybody has a hobby. Some people build model ariplanes for fun, and some people build GIFT BASKETS for fun. Why not make a little money while your at it. Instead of just building a Gift Basket for a friend or family members birthday, why not build them and sell them for a small profit. I wanted to write this article because that’s exactly what I did. Here are a few steps on how to build the Perfect Gift Basket for all Occasions.

Creating the Perfect Gift for all Occasions…a Gift Basket.

    A few tips to help you make a full and beautifully tied and tagged gift basket.

  • First: Always place larger items in back of container to create height. Don’t place heavy items in the front, this will make the container look unbalanced.

  • Second: Step back to see the whole basket, adjust if necessary.

  • Third: Try to make all things visible, this can be done by adding filler where needed.

  • Fourth: Shrink wrap by gathering the wrapping tightly up over the basket. With a heat gun blow warm air over the wrap while holding the wrap tight.

  • Fifth: Add the finished touch with a beautifully made bow and tag that will complement each basket.

    I hope this article will help you weather it’s building a Gift Basket for a loved one, or starting a small successful small business like mine.