Most Common Types of Refrigerators

While picking a refrigerator, it is important to keep in mind the space you have, your budget, your cooking habits as well as your lifestyle. Here is a list of the various types of refrigerators commonly used.

Top Freezer refrigerators These are the most traditionally used types of refrigerators. They are available in the most number of styles and colors. Top mounted freezers also have a range of prices and features. Some of the newer models also offer ice as well as filtered water dispensers. Because of their configuration, top mounted freezers typically have the most amount of storage space.

Eye level freezer space, makes it easy to view and access the food stored in the freezer. They also cost the least of all the types available on the market. One of the main disadvantages of having this type of a freezer is that you have to bend to reach the bottom shelves and drawers that are used more frequently.

Bottom Freezer refrigerators Bottom mount freezers are becoming popular among homeowners. Even though there are not as many models currently available in the market, most of the major manufacturers are jumping right in. Widths typically run from 30 to 36 inches. However, these types of freezers offer less storage space than the top mount ones. Bottom freezers offer the convenience of having more commonly used fresh food stored at eye-level. The drawback is that you have to bend to reach the freezer, also these models do not offer ice and water dispensers yet.

Side-by-side refrigerators Many homeowners opt for a side by side due to space constraints. A full length vertical side-by-side will have the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. The advantage to this is that you will not let the cold air out when you open the refrigerator side. Side-by-side refrigerators typically come with ice and water dispensers as well as temperature controlled bins. The narrow doors are a big plus for kitchens with space constraints. Make sure that you get a model with adjustable bins so that you can configure the interior space to fit your needs. On the minus side, these refrigerators are not the best in terms of usable storage space. Also since the compartments are narrower, it is hard to fit wide items such as pizza boxes so this should be considered before getting a refrigerator of this type.

Built-in refrigerators For homeowners who have a budget and want the wow factor, built-in refrigerators are a perfect fit. Built-in are more stylish than functional and are available in both bottom freezer and side-by-side options. These refrigerators are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and thus come in a variety of colors and finishes to match the rest of your kitchen. On the flip side, as these refrigerators are relatively shallow they offer the least amount of usable storage space. They can be repair prone and with the high initial investment can prove to be quiet costly in the long run.

Cabinet-depth refrigerators Cabinet-depth refrigerators are free standing models that have been built to a relatively shallower depth. These refrigerators are designed to achieve the aesthetics of built-in models at a lesser cost. They are relatively shallow and accept panels for the desired look. Most of these models are available as side-by-side doors, but if needed the homeowner can also get French door models, top-mount freezers as well as bottom mount freezers. Despite the obvious aesthetic advantages, cabinet-depth refrigerators have much less usable space with more cost than other free standing models.

Drawer type refrigerators At about $ 2500 a pop you can now store your soda cans or snacks under your kitchen counter. Refrigerator drawers are the latest in kitchen luxuries. They do not cost much to run as they are quiet small and can store only a limited number of items. But the high initial cost coupled with small storage space makes them inefficient in the long run.