A Detailed Guide to Getting the Perfect Suit

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Almost all men, irrespective of their age or body type, look elegant in a suit. This timeless and classy apparel can be donned across any occasion. A perfectly tailored suit, when worn, will give you the feeling of slipping into a second skin.

Characteristics that make a perfect suit

A perfect-fitting suit can enhance your appearance and therefore can make you stand out from the crowd. Warning though, a misfit can make you look shabby and unorganized. In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, always consider the below points when deciding on the perfect suit –

  • Instruct your tailor to make a jacket with a full canvas layering between the fabric and lining. Getting the lining fused or glued to the fabric may cost you less in the short run, but it will ruin the overall design of the suit. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to go for less expensive canvas jackets.
  • Always ask your tailor to include a felt lining under the collar of the jacket. This enhances the functionality of the apparel. You can wear the suit as outerwear during rainy and cold conditions. Including this specification also ensures that the shape of the suit around the neck is maintained.
  • In order to gauge the quality of the end product, always look to evaluate the thread count. An ideal count would be anywhere between 100 to 120. Any count in this range would mean that the fabric that has been used is of superior quality.
  • Ask your tailor to include either enamel or tortoise shell buttons instead of plastic ones. Plastic buttons are fragile and give-in easily.
  • Ask your tailor to include hidden pockets. This can prove to be useful in concealing your valuable possessions like credit cards, cash etc.
  • Instruct your tailor to include vented pleats. This inclusion ensures a good fit. This also gives you a neat look by preventing your tucked-in shirt from slipping out.
  • A carefully stitched sleeve lining is a must. This will ensure that the shoulder fits comfortably.
  • Last but not least, you can customize the suit according to your needs. Include the specifications that you think will go in-sync with your persona. Introduce minor tweaks to the final design. Some of which that can include an inside pattern trim to the jacket or an unconventional color pattern. The bottom line is don’t hesitate to experiment.

In case you are unsure of how the suit should be; consult a stylist. You can always go online and connect with a suit manufacturer that offers valuable styling tips for classy dressing.

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