Fun Games Anyone Can Play

There are several benefits associated with video games. The beneficial traits surrounding hand / eye coordination are extremely helpful to gamers of all ages. Unfortunately there are times when an individual just deems a game too difficult. Maybe there is a certain level they can't get past or the buttons are too complicated. Whatever the case may be you should know that there are games out there for all skill levels.

The turn of the 21st century brought forth all kinds of technology in the gaming world. The graphics are better, the storylines are magnificent, and the video games have become easier to play. Just look at the Nintendo Wii that allows you to use movements of your body with controller in hand. We also have the Xbox 360 Kinect that only utilizes your body movement alone. So if you're worried about buttons there are plenty of other games that alleviate this issue all together.

Those who enjoy controller based games will have plenty of choices as well. Here are a few choices you might consider:

* World of Warcraft- This is a MMORPG or online role playing game that allows you to choose a faction (Horde or Alliance), a race (Gnomes, Trolls, Blood Elves, Humans, etc.), and classes (Mage, Warlock, Warrior, Death Knight, Worgen, etc.). You create a character and begin your journey through a 3D world that is universal. You will start at level 1 and work your way to 85 building the attributes and skills of your character. There are around 15 million people playing it today.

* Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2- Actually the majority of the Call of Duty games are great, but CODMW2 takes the cake. It's one of the best selling video games every and provides plenty of campaign storylines as well as online play against other gamers. If you're a war junkie or just love guns and war strategies then it's definitely one you will love.

* Classic Games- It's funny to hear stories about how younger kids don't know what Super Mario Brothers is or how it's played. The closer thing they have these days is Mario Kart. However, it's a true classic for anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. Due to the demand to see it come back it has been reincarnated for systems like the Nintendo Wii. There are also smaller versions for the Game Boy. However, it is only for Nintendo systems as of now.

So stop worrying about whether or not a game is going to be too difficult to play. There are so many different video games out that are fun and exciting for everyone to enjoy (even grandma and grandpa).