Appliance Hand Trucks – Do They Work?

Mike has a small problem. Actually it is not small at all and it is not a single problem but a matching pair. He needs to move his old washing machine and his old dryer. He just bought a new set because his old set was outdated and not very efficient. He has got to move them before the delivery driver shows up. Sure he can man handle them and drag them or slide them across the floor but that might scratch his new tile and his wife would not be very happy if her imported Italian tiles were damaged. Maybe the delivery driver can help him move these two old appliances.

He has no idea that there is a special tool created just for his unique situation. The appliance hand truck. My dad always said "You need the right tool for the job." I guess he was right because these mighty tools are built just for this purpose. They can help you move that old washer and dryer with ease. Actually they work with just about any appliance like stoves, dishwashers and even vending machines.

What makes them different than a regular hand cart? They are built upon the same principals but that is where the similarities stop. Appliance hand trucks are much wider. This helps to accommodate that large mass. They also have built in straps. These straps wrap around the appliance and then back trough the hand truck. There is then an offset handle that allows you to tighten the strap and secure your load. These wonderful tools really get the job done and my father always told me to work smart not hard.