Do Your Appliances Trip Your Breaker?

You have the microwave running, the coffee pot going, and you turn on the kitchen light – and everything stops. Sound familiar? Circuit breaker problems are undoubtedly a hassle – and require a professionally trained and certified electrician to remedy. So why, exactly, is this happening? Here are three of the most common causes:

1. Faulty Wiring

Nobody is perfect – and mistakes in wiring are not uncommon. If you have recently moved into a newly built home, or if you just had your home rewired and are finding this kind of an issue, the wiring itself may be the problem. If this is the case, your entire wiring system will need to be looked at by an electrician. A poorly-wired electrical system (especially if it uses old and new electrical systems) can be a fire hazard or lead to bigger problems.

2. A Short Circuit

This is definitely not a problem you want to have! A short circuit happens when a “live” wire comes into direct contact with another wire. Often, you will notice electrical equipment that isn’t working right, or will experience a burning smell. This is a fire risk – so if you suspect a short circuit in your home, get a certified professional electrician to check it out.

3. Electric Overload

A circuit breaker is designed to handle a specific amount of electrical load – and if you are using more than it is set up to handle, this can “trip” your circuit breaker. Old appliances are notorious for being energy hogs – get several of these running at once, and you may have found the culprit. Each electrical item you are using on a circuit adds some load to the system, so the easy fix is to either upgrade your appliances to energy-efficient versions to ease the load, or use fewer electronics at the same time. Simple!

Understanding the when and why of the issue is an important first step in determining what, exactly, is causing the problem. If you smell any kind of burning smell when this is happening, contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible to rule out any hazardous problems. If you are experiencing circuit breaker issues, be highly aware of safety. Wires are definitely not something you should be playing around with if you haven’t had proper training and certification. Always contact a licensed professional electrician to handle all of your electric needs.