The Advantages of Electric Radio Controlled Aircraft

There are many different kinds of radio Controlled Aircraft on the market. There are airplanes, jets, helicopters, blimps and even flying saucers. You also have two different kinds of power sources, gas as well as electric. Many RC aircraft use electric battery packs and charging systems that plug into the wall. These are much safer, more reliable, and easier to deal with than gas models.

Whether it is a helicopter or an airplane, make sure you are buying a quality radio controlled aircraft. Every holiday season it seems like every retailer tries to sell RC aircraft, many of which are pieces of junk. Any kind of plane or helicopter that is offered for twenty dollars you don’t even want to buy, because half the time they are not the kind of quality you want, and you will end up disappointing the person you buy them for. Why is this? Because most of these cheap products are not made with high quality materials, the batteries are also of poor quality, and flight time is around five minutes or less.

In order to find the best radio controlled aircraft, if you are really serious about this hobby, is to go online. There are online retailers that sell all kinds of high quality RC aircraft. These are solidly constructed, made from high impact plastic and other materials, have the latest state-of-the-art electronics, as well as the best lithium batteries made. This means that they will last longer, have a better flight time, and take the abuse of even the most novice of users.

There are many different advantages of using electric radio controlled air craft. One of the biggest is that gas powered models use a volatile fuel mixture. This is messy to deal with, hard to fill the tanks, and dangerous to use. While you may go faster, the fuel doesn’t last that long. Because it uses gasoline, it is dangerous for younger users to handle. Because it uses a combustion engine, it puts harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. They are really noisy as well, and so you have to worry about people around you.

Electric RC aircraft are much easier to operate, and most are ready-to-run right out of the box. All you have to do is put the battery pack in for larger models and you’re off and flying. Even ones that have built in batteries are good for at least a half an hour before having to charge them up. They are much safer for beginners to operate, and the rotors and blades don’t spin so fast that they could to some serious injury or harm. Many people who use electric radio controlled aircraft buy few extra batteries so the can extend their flight time.

When you are buying radio controlled aircraft, make sure that it comes with everything included to fly your plane or helicopter. Make sure you look carefully at the product descriptions. They should include the helicopter or plane, the battery pack as well as the charger, and the Radio Controller. You need to be careful, because some kits come with everything except the RC controller. It would really be a bummer if you spent top dollar for a quality product, only to find out it didn’t include the transmitter.