What a DVR Camera Can Do For You

A DVR camera is a Digital Video Recorder, a high-tech electronic device that can record video and audio footage in digital format. The advantage to recording digital content is that the user can simply record the footage to a hard drive and then transfer it using any multimedia device, such as a CD, DVD, or even a digital media player. DVR is becoming the new standard among households. DVR recorders are being built onto new television sets, while cable and satellite companies are offering DVR recorders to home subscribers.

The DVR camera is also having a great effect on the home security industry. Large companies and homeowners now use DVR cameras for surveillance. Large properties use DVR technology through Closed Circuit Television, giving them a live feed of what's going on in multiple locations. This is crucial to casinos as well as companies that face the threat of shoplifting, or industrial espionage.

Homeowners can also use DVR to keep an eye on various rooms in their house. Parents can record footage of their children, or view live images of a person standing at their front door. A DVR camera is not only a crime deterrent, but can also be used as a means of evidence for prosecution. Digital technology has revolutionized the security industry and made every home and office safer.

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