Why Is Article Marketing So Valuable to Your Business?

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Article marketing is like writing a love letter to your Internet friends, it’s an opportunity to share good information at very low cost. Your benefit comes from reaching your target audience with a message that resonates with their hobby, their business interests or a place of pleasure and joy.

When you focus on the same interests as your audience it becomes easier to write your articles. Seldom can we cover everything in one shot articles, however, the value to your business future is adding another building block as an expert Marketer, including affiliate marketing, too.

When you attract interested followers they will subscribe to your “tribe” and seek your leadership as your share your personal expertise and knowledge with regularity, at least once a week. Our goal as Internet Marketers is to build a relationship with our tribe so they Like, Know and Trust us.

Usually, your tribe will keep your articles for reference and review in the future. All of us have an archive for visitors to return whenever they wish. We want to make it a good experience for those who stop by to visit our website and hopefully join our tribe.

Blog owners are always searching for new articles for their tribe and that’s the reason to put them on EzineArticles as well as other places where your articles are easily found, your resource box stays with your articles. We all hope for our articles to go “viral” and sometimes that will happen when you write good articles focused on a particular subject of interest.

Obviously, it’s a two way benefit, you get the exposure and the blogger gets to use your content without having to write it herself, a win/win for everyone. Some marketers write articles to achieve greater exposure and higher ranking in the search engines but that’s a subject for another time.

It’s important that your resources, your research is on target for your tribe. No one wants to visit your website or read your blog without getting what’s expected. People are usually found in a group setting where the interest of everyone is focused on a particular subject. For example, our grandson just stopped by the house to show us his “new” BMW and to tell us about selling his older model. These guys are in a BMW Car Club which is so far from my interest that I have to act excited just for him.

Look at your interests, your hobbies, I’m guessing we’re not likely on the same page. At this stage of life I’m no longer a joiner of Harley, Corvette or flower clubs but have discovered that Internet Marketing is my passion today simply to help others discover their own Plan B for family financial security.

After spending many years as an entrepreneur, owned a start-up business for 25 years along with several franchised businesses at the same time. Owning your own business makes sense and a home based business is our first choice because it can be started with the least risk and a small investment. You can test the “waters” of Internet Marketing with little risk and we like that for our subscribers.