A Brief History of Diesel Clothing

It is known that Diesel is with ease one of the largest recognized names on the planet; that ranges from the best selling original Diesel clothing line to fragrances that have topped the market.

While many see the here and now and last fashions within the brand it is worth noting that the company has been active now for over thirty years, which in itself is a huge achievement. To dominate your given market for over three decades and successfully spill over into other ventures while remaining at the top spot is something that Diesel does very well.

Founded in 1978 by Italian designer and entrepreneur Renzo Rosso, Diesel shows true staying (and growing) power even through the low points of past global market issues that has sent other companies under. The name was even a stroke of genius as Diesel meant 'alternative fuel' to many at that point in time and is also a recognized word worldwide.

Originally focusing on the denim side of clothing, creating jean designs which would go on to become famous as Diesel stonewash jeans, worn look and many more besides, Rosso began his campaign to make Diesel one of the big names in the industry, which of course he did with great success.

Within the first 10 years of the launch of Diesel it was evident that they were the company to set the trend and be the one to beat or aspire too, which the preference; other companies were for a period always playing catch up in the market.

Not satisfied with controlling the jeans sales market Diesel then expanded into Diesel Clothing and once again provided that they were a company to be reckoned with. From t-shirts to knitwear they showed time and again that they were on top of the latest trends and were most defiantly aware of the wishes and desires of the general public when it came to fashion.

It simply shows that one man with the determination and drive to achieve and create can start something so popular that it can in fact last last other companies and indeed more than likely outlast the man himself. Diesel is not just jeans or clothing or even fragrances, it is a legacy and one that seems to go beyond the normal boundaries of the public's wishes and desires. Diesel Clothing will be around for a long time and it's safe to say that it will stand out as one of the most popular and best known brands the world has ever seen.