A History and Introduction to Alan Paine Clothing

Alan Paine has established roots as early as 1907. Their reputation spans across the globe and they are leading the generation with new, quality knitwear that you can not find anywhere else. Alan Paine has always been known for its knitwear and will continue to be known for such over years to come. They are now considered one of the best, most well-known brands of country clothing including caps, trousers, and fashionable jackets.

It was not until the early 1930's that Alan Paine clothing modernized itself. Originally, they were known only for their knitwear. Since their transformation, they are known for a quality range of shooting and field country clothing.

However, despite a century in action and many changes in style, they still maintain some of the same standards for high-quality. They strive to commit themselves to excellence and style that you will not find elsewhere in the clothing industry. It is because of these standards that they are such a phenomenal brand.

Alan Paine clothing does not show favoritism towards men or women. They create extensive clothing lines for both sexes and all ages. No one has to go without wearing some of these great pieces. Whether it's a tweed shooting jacket or a pair of new, moleskin trousers.

Having a reliable manufacturer of durable, stylish country clothes is a great thing when you find yourself outdoors frequently. People who prefer to hunt, fish, or get outdoors will immediately find their favorites among the different clothing lines. Jackets, trousers, skirts, and breeks are available from a variety of sources. There are 100% wool pieces as well as purely tweed alternatives.

When you are outdoors, you need clothes that can withstand the elements. Rain, snow, heat, or cold, all of these things are bad for the average pair of trousers. Alan Paine clothing has worked for more than a century to provide clothes that can withstand all of these offsets. They have succeeded in doing so time and time again with clothes that you are guaranteed to love.

Alan Paine clothing is not just about going outdoors. Their choice, accessories and options are made for the civilized life as well. Since their early days, they have always been a completely reliable source for in-style knitwear. Knitwear is always the perfect gift because it fits perfectly with any wardrobe.

Their line of accessories includes scarfs, jackets, and caps that align perfectly with the clothes they offer. When you deck out an entire wardrobe with Alan Paine clothing, it is noticeable. The fresh appearance and quality of the fabric stands out against any other outfits nearby.

Alan Paine tailors to any lifestyle, any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. It's never too late to join the millions of other shoppers and invest in some quality fabric that will last you for years. Not only with the fabric last for years, but the outfit will continue to look great as well. Alan Paine is a style that never really goes out of style.