All Things For All Ferrets

When you bring a pet into the family home, they become part of the family and you like to treat them well, keep them safe and they are loved by the whole family. It is no different when you bring a ferret or two into your home. They are great pets and love to have fun, so you will want to enjoy having them in the home.

The pet industry is obviously a huge one, more and more products are now available for us to indulge our pets in and although this was directed at dogs and cats initially, it has filtered through to other family pets. This means that there is plenty of things you can buy for your fuzzy as well as other fuzzy things you can buy for yourself and other family members, you can literally go ferret mad.

There are some essentials that you will need for your little fuzzy and those are the cage, food bowl, water bowl, soil tray, bedding, a few toys and of course their food. Now you can get a basic cage or you can invest in a two or three level deluxe cage, this will all depend on your budget. The food and water bowls are pretty standard, just make sure they are not light weight as they could tip over making quite a mess. The soil trays are also pretty standard, as for the bedding, there are many types to choose from and again this may depend on your budget, but the basics could just be an old fleece or sweatshirt that you no longer use. Toys will again depend on budget, but although there are many toys made for the fuzzy in mind, cat toys are always enjoyed by these little critters, also there are many things around the house that your fuzzy will tend to use as a play thing given half the chance, even paper bags, cardboard boxes and old boots all make for great fun for your fuzzy.

So they are the essentials to keep your fuzzy happy, but what about all the other stuff you can get for your fuzzy or yourself. There is the harness and lead to take your fuzzy for a walk, or if you just want to carry them, then there are now designer bags for these little guys to be transported around in. There are an array of bedding options, from sleep sacks to hammocks, the list of bedding options now looks to be endless.

There are a huge amount of toys you can buy now, there are tubes that your fuzzy will love running through, you can get a whole tunnel system of tubes, the roll about ball is a great toy, it is a ball that your fuzzy can climb into and then it can be rolled around with your fuzzy in it, great fun. There are put together cardboard playhouses that come in different designs, such as a fire engine, fighter plane or even a tank, there are loads of different toy designs with a cord on that can be pushed along for your fuzzy to chase. The toy list could go on forever, just have fun seeking them out and then playing and enjoying them with your fuzzy.

So what about you and the family, what kind of things can you get for you that are ferret based, again there is a long list, but here are a few simple ideas. You can get a picture of your fuzzy put on a plate or cup or a shirt, there are also funny fuzzy captions that you can get in shirt form. What about a fuzzy calendar, diary or address book, there of course are plenty of stickers around that can be put on your car or camper. What ever you can think of, you most likely will be able to find a fuzzy version. This means you can have plenty of fuzzy fun with all the family.