Games Bring The Family Together

These days, many families don’t get nearly enough quality time together. For those who would like to get their family together and engaged in a healthy activity, outdoor games can be a great option. These family games get everyone together in an enjoyable activity that boasts the added bonus of providing exercise, which is another thing that many families want more of. There are many great outdoor games to choose from. Below are some suggestions for people who want ideas for family games to try out.


Volleyball is a great game to get the family outdoors playing together. Unlike many games that require piles of equipment to play, for this one you only need a net and ball. Divide everyone up into even teams and pick a side of the net. You earn points by grounding the ball on the other team’s side of the net. This simply means making them miss the ball so it lands on the ground.

Corn Hole

This is a fun game that even the youngest members of the family can participate in. Boards with holes in them called cornhole platforms are propped up, and small sacks filled with corn are tossed into the holes to score points. If the bag lands on the platform it scores one point, and a bag that makes it in the hole scores three. The corn hole game goes until a player makes it to 21 points.

Washer Toss

This game is similar to corn hole, but has a slightly different set up. Instead of corn bags washer toss uses standard metal washers, and the boards have three holes instead of one. The closest hole is worth one point, the next three, and finally the farthest is worth five. This game is also played to a final score of 21 points. It is most often played with two teams of two people.


Croquet is a sport that has been adapted to a lawn game for recreational play. Players use a mallet to hit balls through hoops called wickets. There are many versions of croquet, each with their own rules, but the main goal, in all of them, is to get your ball through all the hoops before the other team does. Games can be played with two teams of either two or three players each.


Tetherball is a game played with a volleyball hung from a stationary pole by a length of rope. It is played between two competitors, who each try to hit the ball counterclockwise from their position. A player wins when they manage to hit the ball enough times to get the rope wrapped completely around the pole with no slack left. They must do this without the ball bouncing back and partially unwrapping or the game keeps going.

Any of these games are a great way to get your family out of the house spending quality time together, and getting a healthy amount of exercise. So the next time you have some free time together as a family, turn off the television set and head outdoors to engage in one of these great team games.