Pug Fun and Games

Owning a Pug is a lot like having a perennial 8-year-old kid. It's no surprise then, that to train and care for a Pug calls for a lot of games. When it comes to games with your Pug, please resist the urge to resort to the clichÊ game of "fetch." Most Pugs just are not inclining to fetching a ball, stick or Frisbee. Besides, some pugs suffer from health problems like "reverse sneezing" or canine hip dysplasia.

Check with your vet to be sure. If your Pug is deemed sturdy enough, "fetch" away. Just do not expect the game to last too long. Thankfully, there are other ways to create more fun with your Pug with games like:

  • Hide-and-seek – not exclusive to human players, you can play this by "hiding" in another room, in a closet, behind a couch or curtains, and then calling your Pug. Be sure to lay praise on your pug when he finds you, and act really excited. They can not get enough of this sort of thing.
  • Treat Shuffle – Try this and test your Pug's memory or keen sense of smell. Take three cups and a doggie treat, showing which cup you put the treat under to your pug. Shuffle the three cups a bit, to confuse the Pug. Let him then forget the cup with the treat and let him eat it.
  • Freeze and Go Wild – This is a twist on "Statue Dance." You simply play some music, while dancing around your dog. Get him excited, then abruptly stop the music and freeze. Try to encourage your Pug to sit until you play the music again. Soon your Pug should sit when the music stops, and take the cue to be excited when the music resumes.

Have fun!