Drivewear Lenses – The Newest Changeable Eyeglass Lenses For Driving

Drivewear lenses are the newest technology in photochromatic lenses for eyeglasses. This is the only polarized photochromatic lens available at this time. This lens is not only semi-clear polarized lens but also darkens behind the windshield of a car. These lenses use the advantages of Transitions properties and Nupolar polarization to give you the best in driving glasses in any weather or daytime lighting condition.

The Drivewear lenses act in three different conditions. The first condition is low light or overcast conditions. These lenses remove glare and use the light passing through the lens to its maximum for better visual acuity. Glare during theses lighting conditions causes uncomfortable eye strain. In this stage the lenses are a green/yellow color.

In bright light behind the windshield of your car, the Drivewear lenses removes excessive light. These lenses also darken to control the intenseness of the light that reaches the eye. The polarization removes glare associated with sunny day conditions. This combination helps to clarify color recognition which makes traffic lights easier to see during the bright daytime light. In this stage the lenses are a copper color.

In extremely bright conditions such as outside on a sunny day, Drivewear lenses filter the excessive amounts of light. The polarization eliminates the glare that is present during extremely bright conditions. In this stage the lenses are a dark red brown color. This color is best for contrast.

The Drivewear lens is activated by not only visible light but UV rays as well. These lenses are available in a single vision and one brand of progressive lenses. Drivewear lenses should not be used for night time driving. These are definitely the best in driving eyeglass lenses. This new technology allows you to have the best of many worlds while you are wearing your Drivewears lenses in any daytime condition.