Supporting Your NCAA Pride With Your Team Colors

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Saturday gets a little bit sweeter when the brisk fall rolls in and the season tickets are ready, having fans tied up for the rest of the NCAA college football season. For diehards, it can even be a little tricky working in the holidays with all of those bowl games to keep you busy. It is all about showing off that collegiate team pride.

Tailgating. It is a must. In fact, it is almost a weekly ritual. Pop up the tent, turn on the grill, play a few tailgate games and though it seems like it isn’t soon enough, it is game time! So get ready to cheer on your tigers and chant about your razorbacks or get ready to roll tide. Whoever your NCAA sports team is, you have almost everything on your checklist.

However, there is one thing missing. What to wear to your NCAA college game or even to hang out with the buddies to watch the game is almost comparable to how a woman might pick out her outfit on any given day. It takes thought and care. Shall you wear your jersey or your lucky old Clemson t-shirt that seems to bring a big win despite the fact that it has more holes than Swiss cheese?

Do you go to the stadium in your full war paint? Maybe your game is even on a big local network and the shirt has come off and the letters of your favorite sports network are painted across your chest. Sure, this is acceptable… if you are a student still. It isn’t very likely that the average adult NCAA college football fan goes to the games sporting paint and team tattoos and spray painted hair when they have officially retired from that stage of their life. Come on, you want to look classy and somewhat normal even.

Let us consider proper attire for NCAA football games. It is borderline chilly weather with a little bit of brisk breeze, generally, though it depends on the reason. It is the beginning of fall for goodness sake and yes, you will have the opportunity to tailgate and even look a little bit tasteful. But first, let us think about some of the traditional college costumes that NCAA football fans across the United States have adapted. Many styles are specific to the regions and where schools are located. Fortunately, some of those styles become fads that pass within a couple of years while others maintain tradition.

For those football fans in the southwest, good food and good weather is what they have in store for NCAA football games. They might just have their fitted hats, their university t-shirts with cut off sleeves and board shorts. And southwest region football fans shall not forget the eye black paint under the eyes in case of that ever so bright glare.

On the west coast, specifically the mid-Pacific region, the male football fans are just a little bit more on the preppy but casual side. A crew neck team sweatshirt with jeans and a vintage hat with the team logo is suffice. This is head to toe comfort right down to those running shoes.

In the Pacific northwest region, everyone is a little bit more hardcore. While they wear their gloves and sip hot toddies before game time, the fellas are sporting jeans, fitted hats, a jersey over a hooded sweatshirt and insulated boots. The Northwesterners are geared up for football season, warmth, and also have the newest athletic gear to support their team.

In the south, the only thing that is bigger than NCAA football is the tailgating. The men are sporting their college team t-shirt tucked in to their slimmer fitting jeans, complete with boots and wearing the college logo cap complete with sunglasses atop the bill.

The Midwest NCAA football fans can go a little over the top as there are styles for men that range on two different spectrums. There is either the comfy hoodie and jeans with boots look or the fans top it off with overall bibs that look plain ridiculous though they do serve a purpose.

In the Southwest, men sport their Sperry shoes along with their khaki shorts along with a button down shirt. The look is typically topped with a visor and sports shades.

In the Mid-Atlantic, there are no frills for football fans. It is just a good excuse to have a casual party and watch a little bit of football. Cargo shorts, tennis shoes, a plain t-shirt and a camouflage hat pretty well sums up this look.

In the northeast region, everything is casual. Casual hoodie, hat, jacket, slim jeans, and casual shoes. Everyone is pretty laid back about their football game.

Now, do you want to be the guy who fits in to these stereotypes of NCAA football fans? Do you want to just throw on a hoodie and look like you plan to spend the day on the couch? Or do you plan on spiking your hair, frosting the tips in team colors, stripping the shirt and wearing full body paint? Get real and look like you have a little bit of sense while keeping your college gear garb a little on the toned down but yet statement-making approach.

What about if there is a happy medium for men’s fashion on NCAA football game day? There is. You can be casual and classy all without looking like you just stepped off of campus. One way to look sophisticated, professional, casual, and classy all in one way is through the use of one small detail that is actually quite an improvement on the other options. NCAA collegiate sports cufflinks are one of the swankiest styles to class up a button down shirt or to even show a little game day spirit at the office the week before the big game.

College football cufflinks are a really cool way to look more dapper and trendy without looking like a complete football fool. Sure, you might have the inner 19-year-old in you busting to get out but keep it classy. NCAA college football team cufflinks actually come in a variety of team logos with all of the major NCAA teams. They might just be the school logo or the college football cufflinks might actually have the mascot on them. Not only are they stylish and completely tasteful, but the college football cufflinks show off just enough team spirit that they are a conversation accessory piece.

Another one of the best things about NCAA college cufflinks? You will still have them around to wear come basketball time. See what one little accessory can do? You can wear them regardless of the temperature outside and you can sport your NCAA team pride all year long. That’s what a dapper man who wants to be dressed to a T would want to look like.