Thermal Imaging Scope – Flir Thermalvision

A thermal imaging scope has a wide range of uses and this technology is currently being utilized in areas such as fire fighting, power line maintenance, building construction, the military and even in some luxury cars. A thermographic camera can be very similar to a modern camcorder in both operation and appearance and enables the user to see in the infrared spectrum. This technology will detect temperature changes in objects as well as heat patterns. A thermal scope is useful in helping to discover problems before they become too costly for repair and can also be used to monitor existing problems allowing vital maintenance to be scheduled at convenient times. Many cameras equipped with one have the ability to record as an option, allowing for later viewing.

Fire fighters often use a them to enable them to see through smoke which save precious time when trying to find people in burning and smoke filled buildings. It can also be useful in localizing the base of a fire. Power line maintenance can be costly and dangerous if problems are not detected early. A thermal imaging scope enables the power line technicians to locate joints that are overheating alerting them to signs of failure so eliminating potential hazards.

A thermal imaging scope is a useful tool in the construction industry for detecting heat leaks. If thermal insulation develops faults, technicians can easily see these thermal signatures allowing them to improve the efficiencies of a cooling or heating system. The technology of a thermal imaging scope is also being used to enhance the safety of some cars. This system gives the driver vital visual information that goes well beyond the normal range of the typical headlamp as well as being able to see past the glare of on coming headlamp's giving the drive more time to react to potential hazards. The maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems in industry and commerce are greatly enhanced by using the technology of a thermal imaging scope. Capturing images, using the camera settings, can detect problems such as steam traps in heating systems enabling technicians to conduct repairs in a time and cost effective manner.

They are widely used in the military and other protection agency services. It has many positive useful applications in the areas of homeland security and defense, law enforcement, tactical military operations, border and coast patrol, anti-terrorism, nuclear and critical facility surveillance to name but a few. There are numerous models of cameras that come equipped with them such as the SPI Flir thermalvision camera scope which is compact and state of the art in thermal image viewing. It is a completely weather resistant system and utilizes US military standard eye cups. Other models can compensate for most any environmental conditions by using a unique scope with a floating reticule. Features such as digital zoom and user interface make these cameras a strong and sound piece of equipment in many surveillance applications.

The technology used in a thermal imaging scope has many useful applications in a wide range of areas such as homeland security, policing, industry, commerce and personal uses such as hunting. Cameras equipped with a thermal imaging scope are now compact, user friendly and extremely versatile.