The Special Evening Gown – Dress Up for the Occasion

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Festive occasions and events at night often require a little more than just a fancy dress. It doesn’t always need to be the ballroom dress, sometimes a nice and rather simple black dress seems a lot more elegant and adds the little something to its bearer.

An evening gown should always be in tune with the given event, you should adhere to a given dress code, in order not to be under- or even overdressed. If there isn’t any given code to watch out for, do as you please.

A trousers suit, cut tuxedo style, suits just about any event. You are dressed to the occasion, either going to the opera, an opening of a gallery maybe or to a company’s anniversary. Combined with the right accessories like a nice Gucci handbag, the suit can look elegant or even stylish.

The classic dress wear at night is the evening gown. Choose between a shorter cocktail dress and a long evening gown. With an endless choice of colours, cuts, designs and fabrics any women will find the most fitting gown. It will always pay to choose a rather modest, if not simple appearance. Extraordinary colours, designs and daring cuts are most likely out of place. Decent colours like black, blue or crème let any women appear more elegant and more sovereign. If you choose a timeless cut, you can wear your evening gown more often, too.

A good example for a nice Gucci dress was set the other day by singer Rhianna, as she announced her participation with Gucci’s UNICEF Campaign. Gucci Creative Director, Firda Giannini said the singer was chosen because of her strong personality. “When we decided to go ahead with the charity campaign, we agreed that a musician and a beautiful woman should head the campaign. Rihanna stands for these issues. She’s the perfect symbol for this campaign.

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