Keep Longer Service Life Of Laptops

Laptop battery is an important component of a laptop computer. In most cases, a laptop battery has a service life as long as 18 months to 36 months. This is a normal life span of laptop battery. If you can take good care of your battery, it may service you for a longer time. Following are some useful hints to help you extend the battery service life of laptops.

If you will not use the battery in a recent period of time, you should take out the battery of the notebook computer. And then your battery can work for a longer time. And you also need to place your laptop and battery in an appropriate temperature. Electronic products can not be exposed in too hot or too cold environments, or it will greatly shorten their service lives. Maybe they will explode in some extreme circumstances. In order to guarantee your safety, you'd better read the instruction manual ahead of time.

You'd better drain the battery completely every month. Save your work beforehand. When you are draining the battery, you need to make sure that there is no program open. After it is completely drained out, you can charge it. Furthermore, you can buy a surge protector instead of the wall outlet. And then your power adapter can be plugged into this surge protector. Although the protector can protect your power adapter, you should never keep it plugged in. When the adapter is plugged in, the battery is being charged all the time. This behavior will significantly shorten the battery's service life. Unfortunately, many people seem not to realize this behavior's damaging effect.

What's more, you can develop good habit to protect your battery if you can do these things in your daily life. Keep your laptop screen in the comfortable brightness. Your eyes as well as the battery will be protected by the appropriate brightness. If you do not talk with others online, you should turn off speakers. This behavior will save you much power as well. You can save more power if you turn off scheduled tasks too. And if you can make some little changes, your battery will absolutely have a longer service life.