Fisher Price Aquarium

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Humans have always been mesmerized and calmed by the sights and sounds of moving water, a tendency seen even in infants. Soft, dappled lights are calming and hypnotic and the sounds of soft classical music or the trickle of water are also great at calming fussy babies. It is hard to find videos with the muted colors, lights, and sounds that are so soothing to babies, and even so, playing a video within sight of the crib isn’t always practical. But toy manufacturers are stepping into this niche and offering a number of toys that are specifically designed to help babies relax and fall asleep. One of those products is called the Ocean Wonder Aquarium, and it is made by Fisher Price.

The Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Aquarium is a device that attaches to a crib for the purpose of soothing your baby with classical music, sound effects, and bubbles rising up to the surface. The Aquarium can be used in one or more sound or light modes: sounds, lights, and motion; sounds and lights only, or sounds only. The mommy fish appears to swish through the water followed by the baby fish. Look behind the coral and you’ll see a little crab playing peek-a-boo. All the while, “seaweed” sways in the water. The device has a remote control that parents or caregivers can use from the doorway. The aquarium has a “wrap-around” design to maximize the view of the scene, and it is made to fit most standard cribs. Measuring 9.5 x 4.25 x 9.75 inches, the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Aquarium requires three C batteries, which are included.

When a baby learns to calm himself and go to sleep with minimal fuss, it is a great accomplishment both for him and for you. With the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Aquarium, your baby learns that crib time is quiet time.