What Color Should You Wear To A Muslim Wedding?

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A Muslim wedding is a day of complete celebration for the bride, groom, their family and friends. Thus, it is an occasion for one and all to celebrate. There is now written rule of what should be worn and what should not be worn to a Muslim wedding. A lot depends on which part of the world you live in, and the level of rigidity followed by the Muslims there.

In a Muslim wedding, it is the most important day for the bride and groom. If you are close to them and know what color they are wearing, avoiding those colors is a must. This will make the bride and groom standout and make their special day a little bit more special for them.

Muslims have a lot of life in their weddings. The weddings are calm and serene yet there is a lot of fun and frolic too. Wearing white is the tradition in some areas but white is also the funeral shade in some areas. So, if you are in a doubt avoid white. Black is considered as a funeral color in some parts like so check out the local customs, before deciding on the color. Any other color apart from this is sure to bring you to the same fun mood that they are in.

Bright green and pinks are a favorite in Muslim weddings. You have the liberty to make a style statement here. The only thing you must keep in mind is that the dress should be modest. Oranges and yellows, red and maroons or if you want to wear all rainbow colors, the choice is yours. The dress should cover you arms and feet. Any thing, which is flowy, is surely bound to make you feel comfortable there.

As a man, wearing a simple suit or a tux to a Muslim wedding is considered okay. You won’t be in the wrong dress, but if you want to merge with the crowd, you better ask someone in the family. They will be able to tell you what exactly their traditional dress is so that you can wear one. Wearing gold and black are pretty common with Muslim men. Black may cause you doubts but with gold you can be rest assured, you are sure to look one in the family. Wearing a Sherwani is another way to feel at home in the crowd.

Apart from the color, a must is to look after your accessories. Avoid taking something which is over the top. Wear your make up – a dark shade of lipstick will be preferable. Carry a small handbag or a purse. Wearing jewels on your forehead or temples will surely give you that Muslim feel.

If you have no one to help you, there are Muslim designers whom you can contact. They will be able to tell you about colors and you can find great Muslim wedding attires with them. No designers close by, just walk up to your computer and search online. You can find anything and everything you want on Muslim weddings.

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