Turn Your Blog Marketing Into a Profitable Business

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Blog marketing is often a hobby for some people while others turn their blog into a full time income. Most decisions are personal but it’s your choice long term about making your blog a profitable business or simply making it about your hobby to share with whomever subscribes.

Everyone has their own reasons when choosing to blog. Either it’s their own hobby just for fun while the next guy prefers to turn it into a cash cow. We like the idea of doing whatever you want to do with your blog, whatever makes you happy to be a blogger.

When we think about blogging for profit Vs a hobby it takes on a different type of concern. Blogging for profit drives the blogger to think about his/her subscribers, who’s reading your blog, then the sales dollars coming into your bank account.

The “hobby” blogger is not concerned with all the details, his/her goal is to blog about whatever new ideas or discoveries they can share with their subscribers on the email list.

Actually, blog marketing is an ongoing challenge. You never come to the finish line with nothing more to do or say. Links to your blog, leaving comments on other blogs, is part of the daily or weekly activity for the blogger that must be done.

Learning and understanding SEO, search engine optimization, is another important piece of the puzzle needed to be a successful blogger. Higher search engine results are important to get the attention of more people who are looking for your type of products or information.

Bloggers, both profitable and hobby blogs, need to have RSS feeds that will allow other bloggers to link to your blog. Links from others are a huge part of blog marketing success. When someone uses the RSS feeds from your blog, they are able to receive your posts. When they post your blog post to their own blog or website, you’ll get a link back from their blog or website. Can be a little confusing until you get the hang of this blogging procedure.

Blog marketing entails many things to do before you’ll see the results or successes you desire. Income or hobby is your choice, however, learning the “how to” make it all fit together in a way that will guide your future success as a blogger is the beginners challenge.

Be sure that you are using the best techniques available or you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money. An old saying… “haste makes waste”… is probably good advice for all bloggers. Take your time to begin your new blog and enjoy the venture as a blogger.

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