How to Remove Pet Hairs

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Pets drop their hairs constantly and they shed out everywhere in the house. These small hairs can be very annoying when they go deep into clothing, couches, carpet and furniture. It is not just unpleasant in appearance, pet hairs are actually one of the sources of various kind of respiratory allergies. They have awful impact to the respiratory system especially for young kids.

Here are some easy methods to remove the hairs of your pets on furniture and clothing.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most effective and handy technique. A suitable vacuum cleaner can cover and clean up a large piece of area. Using vacuum cleaner is in particular good for carpet, blinds and large couch. Many vacuum companies have come out with attachments to help suck up pet hairs from difficult areas such as carpet. You may use two special attachments to deal with larger flat surface e.g. carpet and then a sucking tube on gaps and hanging pieces such as curtain.

Rollers or Tape

This is probably the cheapest, simplest and yet effective method. It works exceptionally well for removing pet hairs from clothing where there is an uneven surface. Simply move the roller back and forth over the problem areas until all hairs have been picked up. Remember to peel off the piece when it is fully covered with hair. Then a fresh sticky piece will appear to work again.

Similar technique applies when you use packaging tape, duck tape or scotch tape. Wrap you hand with the non-sticky side toward your hand and the adhesive side face out. Brush your hand over the desired area and pick up the hairs thoroughly. However rollers and tape method may not work so well for larger piece of furniture like sofa and carpet. It can be a tiring job if you do so.

Lint Brush

Have you try to use a lint brush to remove the lint on your wool and woven jackets? They can be used in picking up pet hairs from your furniture as well. The key is to pull the brush in one single direction only. Do not move your brush back and forth. The reversal of direction will make the hair re-deposit onto the clothes again. Use lint brush on small furniture items such as chair and couches are good. However it is difficult to use between small gaps because of the flat surface of the lint brush. So you have to redo with a tape or vacuum cleaner to work deep inside small areas.

With all these methods to clean off pet hairs, the basic is that you can avoid the dropping of pet hairs. This depends on your training of the pets so they will not run around inside the house and shed hairs everywhere. Also regular hair combing helps to reduce the hairs from losing out.

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