A Vegetable Garden Of a Different Color

We all know that beans are green and yellow, tomatoes are red, cauliflower is white, and pumpkins are orange, right? Why not get your neighbors talking by having a vegetable garden where nothing is the right color ?!

You could start with Royal Burgundy beans and grow purple beans. After two minutes in boiling water they turn bright green, a perfect timer for blanching.

Unfortunately carrots grow underground but Purple Haze will give you purple carrots with a bright orange center. They lose their color after cooking. Also grow some Crème De Lite carrots which are a pale yellow.

Say goodbye to white cauliflower and hello to orange and purple. Cheddar gives you orange cauliflower that is very high in beta carotene. Violet Queen and Graffitti will give you purple cauliflower. Violet Queen turns pale green when cooked.

Eggplant is usually dark purple to black so why not grow some Cloud Nine and have white eggplant?

Now for some white pumpkins or ghost pumpkins. Full Moon and Lumina will give you carving sized white pumpkins while Baby Boo will give you tiny 3 "white pumpkins.

Instead of the common green zucchini why not grow some Goldfinger or Golden Delight and have golden zucchini instead?

As for the tomatoes, for the slicing variety give Lemon Boy a try and have lemon colored tomatoes. For roma tomatoes try Golden Milano and Tumbling Tom Yellow for the cherry type of tomatoes.

Give Bright Lights a try for the Swiss Chard. Colors include yellow, gold, pink, crimson, orange purple, white and green.

Sugar Baby watermelon is round with a dark green rind, so dark it appears almost black. Yellow Doll is yellow on the inside and New Queen is orange on the inside.

They claim that Veronica is a lime green cauliflower, however I think it looks more like coral and would seem more at home in an aquarium than a vegetable garden.