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ซื้อ เครื่องเลื่อยสายพาน / Ban Saw/BS125(รุ่นนี้ไม่มีระบบนี้หล่อเย็น) กรุณาทักแชทก่อนทำการสั้งซื้อ สินค้าทุกครั้ง ผ่านระบบออนไลน์ที่ Lazada Thailand เรามีส่วนลดและโปรโมชั่นอีกมากมายใน เครื่องมือไฟฟ้า

Gold teeth come in two forms: gold dental crowns and removable gold teeth. A dentist fits the gold dental crowns, and the main reason he uses gold is because it is a very workable metal that makes a perfect crown fit.

As gold teeth are metal, they withstand biting and chewing forces without chipping or breaking. Metal dental crowns are usually placed on teeth that are not visible when smiling. So when making a gold dental crown, your spouse’s perspective is needed as he or she is the one seeing you smile with the gold dental crown.

Those who do not want a permanent gold tooth could try a removable gold tooth. This type of gold tooth is basically used as jewelry and not like a filling as the gold crown. Gold teeth have been growing increasingly popular and are called by different names like gold fonts, gold caps, and gold slugs. These gold teeth are customized to fit your mouth, with the caps sliding over your existing teeth, so you can actually snap them on and off at leisure. Gold teeth are made in fourteen-carat, eighteen-karat and twenty-two carat gold and also with white gold, silver and 950 platinum; they can also be ordered through the Internet.

A typical gold-tooth website gives you various gold teeth examples to choose from and also gives you the choice of designing your personal set of gold teeth. After choosing the design for the gold teeth, you order the starter kit, which has a mouth mold impression kit. You take the impression and send it back to the online store whose lab crafts the caps according to the mold. The result is a perfect set of gold teeth.

As gold teeth are removable, they can be worn on weekends to be removed on Monday when going for work. You could also design different caps and wear them according to your wardrobe. However, it is not recommended to eat or sleep with the gold teeth since they are a piece of jewelry they have to be put on and off like other jewelry.

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