Explore The Matchless Beauty of Hawaiian Islands

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With plenty of things to do and see, Hawaii Island is rightly considered the most alluring vacation destination in the USA. This beautiful archipelago consist of six main islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Read on to know a few of them which are quite popular among tourists.

Hawaiian islands are considered the most appealing destination for vacationers. The year-round lovely weather, endless empty beaches, festive atmosphere and the great Hawaiian culture, this tropical eden is as magical as it looks. Every year, millions of tourists visit the islands to enjoy their holiday time. Undoubtedly, delightful encounters are bound to happen if you visit the islands with advance knowledge and well-planning. You would certainly have good time, no matter if you come with your family or friends.

An archipelago of eight main islands, Hawaiian islands are located in the North Pacific Ocean. Each of the islands has a unique beauty, friendly atmosphere, and is quite safe to visit. Following are a few of them, which are the perfect destinations to enjoy your holidays.

Maui Island

An ideal destination for family-friendly holidays, Maui is the second largest among the Hawaiian islands. The paradise is full of natural wonders that provide ample opportunities to indulge with numerous playful activities. Maalaea, a waterfront community, is a popular vacation spot, famous for surfing, snorkeling and other outdoor activities. In south Maui, the visitor has numerous options including Kihei, Wailea and the old community of Makena. The island offers a range of quality restaurants, nightclubs and bars to turn the nightlife vibrant.

The Big Island of Hawaii

As the name indicates, Big Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian community – twice the size of all Hawaiian islands combined. It offers the visitors a combination of historical landmarks and natural beauty. The island is the birthplace of Kamehameha, Hawaii's greatest king. Apart from that, there is a number of sea-side villages which are very popular, being hub of tourist activities. Kailua-Kona, an alluring tourist destination, hosts many interesting events to give the visitors an amazing sense of joy and thrill. Nearby this place, is Holualoa village that is famous for its art galleries, studios and coffee groves. Some other attractions of the island include Kealakekua Bay, Puuhonau O Honaunau National Historical Park, Kohala Coast and Hamakua Coast etc.

Kaui Island

Owing to its strategic location on the remote end of the main islands, Kaui is termed as an independent island. It has an amazing natural beauty with the perfect blend of spectacular white sand beaches and drain rain forests. Besides, eye-catching palm fringes and splendid landscapes could turn your vacation into once in lifetime experience. Kaui has been featured in more than 50 films such as South Pacific, King Kong and Jurassic Park.

Oahu Island

The most popular island, Oahu is home to numerous world-class tourist destinations alluring millions of visitors every year. In the list of Oahu's major vacation attractions, there is world-famous Waikiki, historical Pearl Harbor, natural beauty of North Shore and attractive city Honolulu. The island is well-recognized for its cultural and sports events, art galleries, theaters and a premium range of quality restaurants, hotels and other nightlife options.

Apart from that, Molokai island and Lanai island are also the main islands of Hawaii. They have numerous options to visit during your holidays. To make the Hawaii trip enjoyable and hassle-free, it's always a good option to set up the tour through a reputed company. Searching online, you could find some reliable tour companies that offers a number of packages for Hawaii tours . You can choose the most feasible one and explore the beauty of Hawaiian islands.

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