Purchasing New Door Pulls

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Shopping for new door pulls is a great way to give your old kitchen an absolutely new look. Changing the door pulls can make even old cabinets look new, especially if the old cabinets are still in good shape. If the finish on the old cabinets is starting to look a little worn, many old cabinets can be given new life by being stripped, stained, and sealed again. Add new door pulls to complete the look, and people will begin to think you purchase all new kitchen cabinets. As you begin the search for the right door pulls for your kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The most common material for door pulls and other cabinet hardware is metal, although some pulls are made of glass or plastic. Metal hardware will last a lot longer than the glass or plastic varieties, although it usually costs more. Also metal door pulls are more popular than glass or plastic because of their extended durability. Of course there are even several different choices among the various metals that are available. Shoppers can choose from metals like nickel, bronze, brass, silver, and many other different kinds of metal. Just start your shopping trip by looking at all of the different varieties of materials. Take the time to feel how all of these materials feel in your hand. Usually through this process you will begin to get a feel for which material you prefer.

The next step in the process of selecting cabinet hardware for your doors is to think about style. Consider the look of your current cabinets and also how the overall style of your kitchen appears. The styling of the hardware can follow many different methods. There are pieces with smooth lines, ornate, intricate patterns, or simple, plain designs. Also some pulls are handles, while others are just small knobs. Take several samples home and place them up against your cabinet doors to figure out which one you like the best. Also remember that not all styles are easy to use for everyone. It will help immensely if you think about any family members who have arthritis. Usually larger knobs or handles work best for people who suffer from arthritis or other problems with their hands. Considering these issues up front can prevent you from having to change the hardware again later because one of your family members has too difficult a time opening the cabinet doors.

If you are one of the many people who decide to choose metal pulls, then the easiest way to judge quality is by feeling their weight in your hand. Heavy metals will typically weigh more than lighter metals. Also looking for brand names like Tops Knobs can also indicate a high level of quality. Remember that it may be possible to save a little money on knobs by ordering them online. Sometimes cabinet retailers mark up the price of cabinet hardware and door pulls two or three times what they should sell for at a retail price. However, ordering pulls online without ever seeing them can be risky. If you are certain that the website is the original manufacturer of the pull you have selected, then the risk is rather low. However, it is always easy to avoid the risk associated with ordering pulls online by ordering just one pull. Some companies may even send you one free sample of various pulls to help you make your decision. Having a few samples will also allow you to place the pulls up on the cabinets and actually see how they look.

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