Three Easy Tips for Creating a Meaningful Scrapbook

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Whenever we create a meaningful scrapbook, we leave a record of our daily life that goes beyond the basics of who was at an event at a particular time and place. We add more emotion and relevance, and at the same time, avoid boring and repetitive layouts.

You really won’t need anything more than what you already use to create your pages, such as the usual supplies of paper, photos and embellishments. What’s important to add is imagination, a little creativity, and the willingness to try something new.

Here are three tips to help you create a meaningful scrapbook page.

1. Use Handwritten Journaling

Handwritten journaling adds a unique touch to our scrapbook pages. This is something that is missing from computer journaling, and is worth giving up perfect fonts for a touch of personality in our albums. These handwritten notes act as personal letters to whoever will look at our layouts in the future. Furthermore, handwritten journaling is so much quicker to make, and allows us to use little scraps of paper that we would otherwise throw away.

2. Add Ordinary Items

Ordinary things like kids’ drawings, shopping receipts, and notes on pieces of paper can find a place in scrapbook pages. These are the mundane things that sometimes make up the threads of our lives. Years from now, it will be meaningful and interesting to see the price of a loaf of bread, where we shop for our favorite pair of jeans, or what type of chocolate we most often enjoy.

3. Include Everyday Photographs

Candid everyday photographs capture our life as it happens every day. These are the best ways to document unique facial expressions and activities that we will enjoy seeing on our pages. For example, we can take photos of our children playing with their favorite toys, taking a nap, or even helping with the dishes. We can also take photos of objects around the house (those favorite toys), the meals we take, a baby blanket, or the row of shoes by the back door.

Handwritten journaling, ordinary items, and candid photographs go a long way toward making layouts that are uniquely you. Even if you use the same papers and embellishments as everybody else, trying out these techniques will give your creativity a boost, and maybe help you discover something new. The best part is that you will enjoy your pages years from now, knowing that they are a truly personal and unique record of your life. Creating meaningful scrapbooks is easy with these three tips.

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