When to Choose a Mini Site

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Mini sites are websites that contain very few pages; usually only one to three. These include the landing page (main page), a thank you page (for when the customer makes a purchase), and perhaps an about page (where they can find ways to get in touch with you, or find more information about you, or the website).

Why a Mini Site

You may wonder how you can make money with these sites, but the truth is that these sites work just as well as a large website or blog. This is simply because you are optimizing the site for one particular keyword or keyword phrase. This means that the traffic that you are going to get, is very targeted. This results in a much higher click through rate, and visitors are much more likely to make a purchase.

Mini sites are quick and easy to set up, and they have the potential to earn you just as much revenue as any large site that contains thousands of pages.

So when would you set up a mini site rather than a big website?

Single Product

Any time you have a single product that you want to promote, you would create a mini site to help you promote it. The first reason is this is all you need, plus it will help you obtain highly targeted traffic, as you are optimizing it for only 1 keyword, or a keyword phrase.

New Entrepreneur

Mini sites are a great place to start if you are new to the whole online marketing world, simply because they are easy to set up and maintain. You can even set these websites up on the free website hosting sites like BlinkWeb or Yola, as the mini sites do not require that you have a large number of files to upload.

Therefore, the only costs that would be involved with creating these mini sites, would be your own unique domain name.

Targeted Traffic

Mini sites are also great if you do a lot of paid advertising for your website. This ensures that when your visitor lands on your website, they are not bombarded with multiple choices, but rather they are able to concentrate on the one product. This usually results in more sales for you, and gives you more bang for your advertising buck.

Drive Traffic

These sites can also be used to drive traffic to your other sites. For example, if you have a large website where you sell a lot of electronics such as cameras, computers and more. A mini site would allow you to set up small directories where one site would focus on cameras, and another on computers. The information on these sites would be product reviews or testimonials. Then when they want to make the purchase, they would be re-directed to your main website.

Why would you do this? Because the links coming from these mini sites, count as valuable back links. There are many more uses for mini sites, but these are a few to get you going.

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