Tips to Make Bathroom Cabinets Last Longer

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Selecting a material that is able to handle the humidity in this room is vital to make sure that they last for a long time. If a material is chosen that is not made to withstand humidity, it can expand and warp, resulting in a room that looks less than new. Bamboo is one of the few materials that can handle a little bit of humidity over a long period without changing size.


Making sure that cabinets are made of durable material is also a key to lasting good looks, particularly in households with smaller children. Softer woods, such as pine, make a beautiful cabinet, but they also tend to dent and scratch easily. Smaller children tend to be a bit rougher on everything, and can leave a brand new bathroom cabinet looking less than new in a matter of weeks.

Harder woods, such as oak are less likely to dent as easily, and more likely to leave a lasting impression on guests. Bamboo is another great option for cabinets in homes that have small children.


Making sure that bamboo cabinets, as well as those made of other materials, stay clean will help them be long lasting. The cleaning process will often vary depending on the type of material used. For example, a bamboo cabinet can be wiped clean with just a cloth and water. Harsher chemicals can sometimes be used on other materials. It’s important to know which cleaning solutions to use, and to clean bamboo cabinets as often as needed for long lasting good looks.

Preventative checking

Every so often, home owners are advised to simply look over the bamboo cabinets to guarantee that all the hinges are still in working order, all the screws are nice and snug and so on. This can easily make them long lasting. For example, if the screws on a hinge are loose and homeowners do not know, they will never be tightened. Then, the hinge may fall out, sending the door crashing to the ground and damaging the wood. A quick glance over the screws and hinges can easily prevent this problem.

Clean spills immediately

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places for spills. Allowing anything liquid to sit in a pool on a cabinet can, and will, eventually damage the wood. If this happens more than once, it will result in several spots on the wood being worn and damaged, and the cabinetry looking horrible. They will be long lasting if homeowners clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of leaving to sit until the room gets cleaned later in the day.

Check the weight

Often, drawers and shelves have a weight limit. Home owners should always double check the weight limit and make sure that they do not put too many things on the shelves or in the drawers. This will cause the shelves to break, or the bottom of the drawer to fall out.

Cabinetry has the power to make a home look beautiful and brand new, or the potential to make it look like it is slowly going downhill and in desperate need of a remodel. These simple tips will help every single home owner help their home look wonderful and brand new for many years to come.

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