How to Prevent a Laptop Fire

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Ignorance can expose you to unnecessary danger:

There are many risks that it can pose-including laptop fires. This might not seem to be big of an issue, but it happens every year, especially in colleges resulting in causing damage.

How does a laptop fire start?

The overheating of batteries can generate enough heat, (especially on bedding material or a couch cushion) and can limit the ventilation posing a risk and even cause a fatal house fire.

Here are some of the steps to prevent a laptop Fire:

*for proper ventilation, keep it on a hard-surfaced floor.

*purchase fans to cool their machine.

*make sure that the vents allow airflow at all times.

(mainly when used on a bed or pillow, it suffocates the laptop’s fans)

*Do not leave your computer plugged in.

*Place it on a desk clear of combustible materials.

*Place it on flat surface like a table or the floor.

*clean your laptop, clogged with dust particles and lint can contribute to overheating.

*Store a laptop on a desk, Elevate the laptop.

*In case of electrical sparks, unplug the power cord immediately. If it is damaged you must replace it.

*Cords that are worn can also cause an outlet to spark, set fire to things.

We will also be discussing Lithium batteries:

Laptop, mobile phone, tablet computer, camera common in modern day life. They all have in common: lithium batteries.

So, What are Lithium Batteries?

In simple terms, lithium batteries are a power sources for portable electronics.

Why they catch fire more often?

The stored energy, which makes it useful but if released suddenly can be hazardous at the same time.

There are 2 main types of Lithium battery:

Both types can catch fire.

*lithium metal batteries non-rechargeable

*lithium ion batteries. are rechargeable.

Many of the items we have Lithium Batteries in them.

Electric cars, electric bikes, lithium battery packs are those in laptop computers, E Cigarettes. Though, it is unusual for batteries to overheat and catch fire, unless they are damaged or might have been faulty marketing.

Thermal Runaway

In case of thermal runaway, the temperature would quickly rise to the melting point of the metallic lithium and potentially causes increased current, which in turn increases chemical reaction rate in the lithium causing the battery to catch fire.

As a Precaution:

*It is advised to use the charger that came with your device.

*Always buy batteries from reputable sources approved for your device.

*To prevent a short circuit, place tape across the battery’s isolation terminals.

Why is the fire extinguisher the best option:

*Puts out the fire.

*No Danger of Electrocution.

*Insulates the batteries.

General safety fire rules:

Don’t Delay on evacuation,

Don’t try to tackle a fire unless you are certain you can do so safely

If it’s better to get out – leave it to the Fire Brigade.

Since, the reports of damage are concerning.Shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire. Being ignorant of these precautions can cost more, Be safe!

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