The Cookie Diet Plan – Can The Cookie Diet Work For You


Eat Cookies – Lose Weight – Eat More Cookies – Lose More Weight

Are you laughing yet? You know you misread the title or it is just some strange joke. Before you stop reading or call friends and relatives to comment on the craziness of the writer, read on. It is true and it is called, amazingly enough, “The Cookie Diet Plan”. And, it’s getting rave reviews in both forums and discussion groups.

Dr. Sanford Siegel, a south Florida based physician since 1975, created the “Cookie Diet Plan” and it has been seen on many television programs including Good Morning America, Fox News and CNN. His Cookie Diet Plan has been reported to have helped over half a million people to reach their weight loss goals.

Look at it, the sweet tooth had done in more people. Most people gain weight because of consuming excess sweets and carbohydrates. The dreaded sweet tooth is responsible for many a slip in the diet game and other aspects of a healthy eating plan can’t be addressed because you are constantly obsessing about where your next sugar fix is coming from. These cravings interfere and won’t allow you to take the next step. When using the Cookie Diet Plan, this barrier is eliminated. You can then move on to planning what’s really vital towards attaining and maintaining a desired weight goal.

With the success of the Cookie Diet Plan, Dr. Siegal has decided to expand his business, going online to take it global. He has begun making cookies available in England and Mexico. Dr. Seigal realized that 3 out of 4 people will lose about 15 pounds in a month which is far in excess of the recommended weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week, but feels that quicker is better.

He determined that more people would lose weight if they didn’t have to give up something they loved – sweets. Reaching the goal keeping some sweets in the picture will often make the difference between success and failure.

While most diets preach keeping sweets to a minimum, this the Cookie Diet Plan works on the logic that most dieters fail to meet their goals because they are so busy fighting their natural urges and beating back the sweet tooth that they just finally give in and give up. The Cookie Diet Plan claims that by eating six of their specially developed cookies per day, you will not only be successful in your dieting but you won’t have the cravings.

Cookies can be eaten whenever you feel hungry which is right in line with the new thinking on dieting – When you feel hungry – EAT!. There are no set meal times, and you are still encouraged to drink eight glasses of fluid per day. They also provide a nutritional supplement with your order.

The actual cookie is an excellent, natural appetite suppressant made up of proteins like bran, oats and rice. They can’t be considered the tastiest of treats, but they are sweet enough so that you don’t give them up and they do an excellent job of keeping your sweet tooth quiet.

With the Cookie Diet Plan in place, your mind can look to making a diet plan utilizing the natural things that your body needs in proportions that are designed to help you lose weight: chicken, turkey and fish, cooked vegetables, nutritional supplements, coffee, tea, diet soda and water as desired.

One of Dr. Siegal’s patients, Ela Prieto, lost 51 pounds in just four and half months using the Cookie Diet Plan, going from a size 14 to a size 4. After she lost the weight she continued on a maintenance program which over the last two years has equaled about 1,200 calories a day and a decent amount of exercise.

While the Cookie Diet Plan is good for losing weight, they will also work great once you’ve lost it. In all honesty, you would probably still want to eat chocolate cake or cheesecake if the opportunity arises. By using the Cookie Diet Plan, you won’t obsess on sweets. The cupcake or oversized blueberry muffin will be something you can take or leave at will. If you do decide to eat some of it, you probably won’t want that much.

With success on the Cookie Diet Plan, you will start to change or maintain a low calorie diet, exercise and using a program like Burn The Fat; Feed The Muscle workouts. General exercise won’t look so bad either. The brain is a funny thing; when it gets what it wants it becomes more motivated to do what it doesn’t care that much for including drinking more water, adding exercise and eating lower fat, low caloric foods.