The Dark Side of Free to Good Home Puppies

The concept of free to good home puppies starts out fine, as most dog owners when having to face a litter of dogs, look for homes that would care for and nurture these puppies and they are given for free. The problem starts when these puppies are accepted by people who do not care for these puppies, start abandoning them and worse, sell these puppies for cost to organizations that maltreat them and use them for animal testing.

It is in the mentality of people who get these puppies for free that they do not need to care for them; after all they were gotten for free! As opposed to dogs that are sold for a cost, the temporary owner has the mindset of taking proper care of them, as they sheled out money just to acquire them. Puppies that are free became disposable.

Free to good home puppies shows a misguided mindset on the part of potential dog owners. Paying an amount to get a dog shows that they are willing to take care of the dog, as they paid a sum of money to acquire it. Getting a dog for free does not give potential dog owners any obligation to take care of them as there was no initial financial investment from them. Taking care of a free dog would amount to at least $ 100 in dog food and grooming, so why shell out this amount of cash for something that you admitted for free?

Free to good home puppies should only appeal to those who are genetically affected by animal rights and welfare. As someone who may want to give people free to good home puppies, it would be advisable to charge a small amount for an adoption fee to show potential owners that you are serious in giving these puppies a caring home. As for people who want to take advantage of these ads, it would also be advisable to at least offer an adoption charge as a show of good faith and commitment that you have the capacity of taking proper care of the puppy.