Focusing On Romance

You are in the mood for a nice romantic evening, but your partner is not even thinking of it. His / her words, 'Not now, dear, I am just not in the mood, may upset you, but I suggest that instead of just taking this in your stride, why not do something that will make your partner change his / her mood ?

Remember, many people these days are dealing with the frustration of not having a fulfilling romantic and sex life. Why is this? Maybe you are not being adventurous and exciting enough in the bedroom. Maybe the bedroom is played out and you need to move to another room, for a change.

However, it is always better to start with something easy-maybe a nice, romantic dinner. Make it a date. Start by asking your partner out on a date (might be a long time since an official date, and this works). Coming home from work early before your partner gets home is a very good idea. So, this is what you could do-leave work early. You will need some supplies: Start with a real nice dinner. If you're not in the mood to cook, just order dinner from outside.

Do not forget to carry roses and yes, a bag of rose petals, some candles, and a massage lotion. Then get into the action. Have the dinner ready, a nice table set with some wine and candles. Put the rose petals all over the bed and maybe leave a trial to the bedroom from the kitchen after you are done eating, without being seen. Play some nice music and you should get some reaction from this. Remember, the goal is not to trick your partner, just to get the focus a little more on romance.