The Sales Professional Creed

What does the term “Sales Professional” really mean? How do Sales Professionals define themselves? They have a set of values. They define their success not by the amount of money they earn but how they do business, benefit their company and their clients. The Sales Professional Creed was developed as a guide for serious sales people who are willing to be Professionals first.

I AM A SALES PROFESSIONAL; Notice I didn’t say consultant, advisor, representative, territory manager or case manager. I said Sales Professional. I sell in a fast paced world with ever-changing markets and varying conditions. I am very good at what I do.  

I AM A BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL; To represent my company and myself well, I dress for success and keep myself well groomed at all times. I am punctual and on time. I am polite, courteous and aware of the culture I am in. I do not use profanity or lewd comments in the course of conducting business.  

I AM CUSTOMER FOCUSED; My focus is on the customer and the customer alone. My number one asset is the customer. My job is to help him succeed and show him how through what I can provide him. Through this loyalty, I succeed and bring credit to myself and my company.  

I AM A LISTENER FIRST; I listen first, ask intelligent focused questions, determine needs, wants and desires, analyze and apply appropriate solutions based on what my company and I can actually produce and deliver. Listening provided me with the tools I need to create success for my customer my company and myself.  

I AM PRESENT; I am an asset and a valued partner to my customer. I stay with him through the process of the sales cycle to completion and satisfaction. I anticipate his needs and wants based upon my relationship and knowledge. I earn my referrals. My presence today assures continued relationship and loyalty to my company and me for the future.  

I AM PROACTIVE; I do not wait or hesitate. If it needs doing I do it. I have a keen sense of urgency and realize that completion of a task requires action and energy. I advance the process through focus and information leading to action.  

I USE MY INTELLECT; If I am ignorant I study. I use mentors and coaches to help me hone my trade. I seek the council of leaders in my field whom have gone before to succeed. I am willing to hear criticism that will improve my skill and me. I consistently seek improvement and skill in my craft. Through these actions, I improve my performance, honor my company, and demonstrate the leader within.  

I ALWAYS MAINTAIN MY INTEGRITY; I NEVER offer anything I cannot provide. I never sacrifice principle for opportunity or career. Period.  I do not lie or cheat. I do not sell using manipulation, gimmickry, high pressure, intimidation, and fast-talking or tricky closes. I do not sell for companies whose values I cannot share. I maintain the highest standards of accountability. Doing the right thing is good for business.