Spa Etiquette – What You Need to Know

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Wacoal Stay สเตย์ รัดหน้าท้อง สีเบจ (BE) รุ่น WG1237 รัดเอว รัดพุง รัดเอว รัดสัดส่วน สาวอวบ กระชับสัดส่วน หลังคลอด-สเตย์ขาสั้น ขอบขากลม เนียนเรียบด้วยผ้า Lycra soft เก็บกระชับหน้าท้อง และยกก้นให้สวยงาม-ส่วนผสมเนื้อผ้า : 71% NYLON, 29% ELASTANE-กางเกงชั้นในกระชับรูปร่าง-สเตย์รัดหน้าท้อง สเตย์เอวดี...

Spa-goers visiting the spa for the first time often need to know what is expected of them as they prepare for their spa experience. As the spa strides to provide the client with a tranquil and safe environment so too the spa-goer has certain expectations placed upon them. To make the spa experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

1. Book well in advance and where possible pick up a brochure from the spa that includes prices and treatments. Call 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

2. Request detailed information on the type of treatment booked.

3. Ask about the therapist assigned to you. Do you prefer a male or female spa therapist? An often missed and important detail.

4. Wear suitable clothes and be prepared to undress according to spa treatment you have booked. Spa robes and slippers are provided for the comfort of the client and spa personnel are trained in proper drying techniques for complete comfort and privacy.

5. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you are calm and relaxed before the spa treatment.

6. Always alert the spa therapist to any current or chronic health condition that may need to be addressed before your spa treatment.

7. In consideration of the other spa clientele, cell phones and pagers are not a good idea in the spa – remember your there to get away from the stress!

8. Allow the therapist to advise and prepare you for the treatment you have reserved. As you relax and benefit from the spa treatment you will be sure to feel the stress melt away.

9. Everyone is different – so feel free to speak or not during your treatment. Share information and feedback on your personal comfort level or any sensitive areas on the body.

10. Relax you're at the spa! Enjoy the treatment and reap the full benefits.

11. Take time as you prepare to leave the treatment room, however, remember there may be another client waiting to use the space.

12. Determine the tipping policy in advance and be prepared accordingly.

13. Let the spa personnel know if your experience at the spa was as expected. Your feedback is always appreciated.

14. Now is a good time to ask about any new products to take home. Scented candles or essentials oils will help you to enjoy the spa experience at home.

15. Remember the right way to spa is your way so always have good communication with the spa personnel and make the experience a relaxing and memorable one.

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จานดิสเบรค (หลัง) แท้โรงงาน สำหรับ SONIC (43351-KGH-901).

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