Make Nappy Cakes on Your Own

Every parent to be would be overjoyed when they received gifts that would be useful for their baby. The joy is not because they're receiving gifts, but the gifts remind them of their bundle of joy that is to arrive. Therefore, it would be a wonderful gesture to gift your relative or close friend with a nappy cake.

Some of the gifts that would make any to be mother happy include baby toys, clothes, blankets as well as diapers. The best of them all would be a Nappy Cake. In case you do not know what a nappy cake is, do not try eating one; because, they're not consumable. Instead they're just diapers arranged so as to form a cake.

Nappy cakes when made well look great and would be the perfect gift for any birthday shower. You could use any kind of diapers such as disposable ones or even the cloth ones. It's not difficult to make one yourself and it will not take you more than half an hour to complete.

When you make one of these, it is always advisable to make one that consist of two or three tiers, they are not expensive to make and if you want to further decrease the costs, try using cloth diapers rather than the disposable kind.

Making a Nappy Cake

Here's what you need to do in order to make a nappy cake on your own:

Buy the diapers

The first and most important step would be to buy nappies. You can not make a cake if you do not have any, so the next time you're off shopping add it to your list.

Roll them up

Now that you've got the diapers, you need to roll them up into a cylinder and fit three – four of them so as to form a larger cylinder.


Roll a single diaper on the table and spread it so that it covers the entire table. Now that this is done place four of the roled up diapers on it and then toll it up so as to form a giant roll. Do this several times and arrange them in a circular form – this will form the first tier.

Repeat this process and create as many tiers as you wish – soon it would smile a wedding cake. You can use your own creative mind to decorate the cake. Try placing baby socks, shirts and even toys so that the cake looks pretty and at the same time useful for the arriving baby.