Discover The Amazing Pulse Pounding Story of The Transformers!

You would be hard pressed to find anyone today who hasn’t heard the story of Transformers. Transformers is a line of toys, Marvel Comics series, TV cartoon and movie blockbuster created in the early 80s. The story of Transformers was first told is a series of Marvel comics written in support of Takara and Hasbro’s new line of shape changing toys. Other than in the comics, the Transformers story has been told in a popular 80s TV cartoon and two movies one as recently as 2007.

The basic premise behind the Transformers story is the war between two alien robotic lifeforms known as Transformers and living on a planet called Cybetron. The two sides known as the Autobots and Decepticons fight for power in a war that has lasted for millions of years. The leader of the Autobots who are considered the good side is the well known Optimus Prime; on the other hand, the evil Decepticons are led by Megatron. What sets the robots in Transformers apart from other fictional characters is their ability to morph between a humanoid form and other forms including automobiles, planes, and ships.

Compared to the Marvel Comics telling the original Transformers story, most people are familiar with it from the 80s cartoon. The cartoon tells the story of Transformers starting with how Optimus Prime came to existence and became the leader of the Autobots in an effort to defeat the evil Decepticons and end their efforts to control Cybetron and the rest of the universe. During a battle between the two fractions millions of years ago and before man inhabited the Earth, the two bots found themselves in a status of stasis near one of Earth’s volcanoes. A good 4 million years passed before the bots were freed; according to the Transformers story, they immediately resumed their war but this time on Earth. During the four years that the cartoon was shown on TV, the epic battle between the two Transformers sides is told from beginning to end. The Transformers story is very complex but interesting and entertaining and as such it is worth watching once more on DVD available today.

In the recent 2007 blockbuster movie directed by Michael Bay in 2007, the Transformers story is told a bit differently. It starts once again well in the past. The center of interest for the two sides is a powerful device known as the Allspark. The Allspark can give the bots infinite power. The Autobots hide the Allspark on Earth hoping to keep it safe. But as the Transformers story goes, Megatron discovers their plans and comes to the planet to steal it. To make a long story short, Megatron creates a map of the Allspark’s hidden location and then transmits that to the Decepticons who arrive on Earth to retrieve the device. As a result a war breaks out on the planet with a few key humans who get caught in the middle. Clearly this telling of the Transformers story is mostly re-written to suite the feature film length.

The story of Transformers will be told many more in the future, but regardless of which version of the Transformers story you prefer, it will always be one of the most exciting science fiction stories told. I am certain that every hardcore fan has his favorite version of the Transformers story. You can relive the story of Transformer by owning your own copy of the collectors Transformers DVD box set.