Invicta Watches – Invicta Russian Diver Men’s Chronograph Watch 7000 Review

If you like the attention you get when you wear something nice, if you like when people start conversations about your style, then Invicta Russian diver men’s chronograph watch from Invicta watches model number 7000 is something which you should look at. This watch is designed to change you fortitude for watches. It’s men’s watch, and trust me it’s really manly, it’s huge and rather it is hulk of watches. With it’s beautiful design and blaze, this watch is certain to catch everyone’s eyes.

Invicta is certainly a top watch brand in the eyes of many timepiece enthusiasts and watch collectors. Their watches are known for running in the full spectrum of variety of styles and sizes for both men and women. As with any other brand there is always one series that stands out among the others. Arguably, for Invicta this is the Russian diver series. Sporting a unique style the Russian divers from Invicta watches took the watch world by storm when the company first introduced them. The signature piece from this series happens to be the Invicta 7000 men’s Russian diver chronograph watch.

The 7000 model features a large dial (51.50 millimeters) and a special chronograph movement known as Swiss Ronda (6 jewel movement). The large hour numerals are in perfect synch with the large dial, which is what most separates the Russian diver models from other Invicta watches. The black leather band gives a unique touch to this watch. The watch looks awesome and feels durable.

When venturing in the water you can feel secure with the Invicta 7000 as the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Underwater, the large dial and hour numerals come in handy making it  easy to read and see time. The hands and markers are made with patented Tritnite, allowing for reading the time in the dark. As you will see, the Invicta men’s Russian diver chronograph watch is Invicta at its finest.

However, before finally buying this watch you should try this watch on your wrist first. Because of the size of this watch some people may feel it’s too big on their wrist. So if you have a small wrist then you would find this Invicta 700 heavy and large.

So there you have it, if you can handle this watch then why not give yourself the pleasure. The introduction has been made, now it’s up to you to see where it goes from here.