The Top 5 Reasons to Get Shared Office Space for Your Next Office

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Finding office space is not easy. It is expensive, time consuming, and one of the last great opaque industries.

We are trying to change that with shared office space and a commitment to easy transparent pricing and pictures.

Below find the top 5 reasons we believe you should consider shared office room for your next office:

1. It is the most cost-efficient way to start a new office. Whether you are starting a new company, moving into a new market, or just a savvy entrepreneur, shared office space is the cheapest way to establish a new office. The internet hook-ups, furniture, lighting, and water-cooler are ready to go on Day 1. No long-term contracts or days waiting for the cable guy to show up. You can just sit down and get to work – without any of the risks or hassles of setting up an office from scratch. Just not having to buy office furniture alone makes shared office space a great (and cost effective) idea.

2. Terms are flexible. Most commercial leases require a minimum 5-year term. Shared office room can be leased for shorter terms of 6-months or 1 year. This means you only need to pay for what you really need. This gives you the flexibility to add space as your company grows, while also minimizing the risk of a costly longer term, [particularly in a new and unknown market]. Shared office space is the best way to enter a new market and gives you time to grow without being locked into a long term lease.

3. The time and energy needed to find the office is a fraction of a traditional search. All shared office room listings on a few listing sites include clear complete pricing and pictures. You can be done in days instead of months. Also, their no haggle policy makes it easy to compare spaces and know which is best for you. The time and energy that used to be needed is cut down to an hour of searching.

4. The security deposit is reasonable! Whereas security deposits of 4 to 6 months have become the norm for traditional office space… A few companies have a 1 month security deposit. That keeps working capital where it belongs. Working!

5. Working with others is more fun. Everyone is more productive in a thriving workplace. Total isolation does not lend itself to the creativity and spark that a busy workplace provides. Workers look forward to starting their day when they know they don’t have to be alone.