World of Warcraft Gold Guide

This article will give you an overview of making all the gold you need without cheats or having to buy it. Focusing your energy on gathering gold can slow down your leveling, using a WoW gold guide will help you save a ton of time.

Gold is an essential part of the World of Warcraft because so many things such training and mounts require you buy them. Should you use gathering professions such as mining to make gold right from the beginning? That's what some will advise you to do. Some also suggest using certain professions, grinding and flipping stuff in the Auction House to make gold. You could take this advice and do well, but read on and at least consider taking this 3 step approach.

Step 1: 1 Level 80 Character

Initially, focus on getting at least one level 80 character. You do not really need gold to level a character to 80, and the gear you'll need will constantly change as you level. Make this as fast as possible and follow my suggestion of using a good leveling guide.

The gold you'll need for buying your mount for instance can all be obtained just through the questing you'll be doing anyway. Following the right leveling approach could earn you 8000g just doing quests.

Step 2: Farming for Gold

In this step a gathering profession will be good to have such as Mining or Herbalism.

Knowing the right place to farm is critical at this stage. That's because farming in a particular location may only be good for specific classes or professions.

Step 3: Auction House

At this point you should've gathered about 200g. With the right approach, you could earn around 500g / hr in the Auction House.